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Considering an internet change? Prioritize your IT.

We are so excited for the rapid availability of fiber internet in our client’s regions. Not only does it make technology run smoother, it helps your team operate at the speed of business.

An issue we’ve encountered as clients consider changing internet service provider (ISP) or making the move to fiber, is downtime based on installation issues and miscommunications. To promote transparency and business uptime, we encourage all of our clients to start the conversation about fiber or ISP changes with ITP first.

As soon as you make the decision to change to your internet, whether it’s a move to fiber or a new ISP, we can help you plan and prepare for the IT component of installation. Bring our team of experts into the fold early to plan this transition process.


The ISP is typically unaware of the intricacies and important components of your network. They don’t know what can be disconnected or changed and what cannot. More often than not, their installation crew will disconnect things without communicating to anyone. Which leaves you in the lurch. Your network is down and your business operations have come to a screeching halt.

Save yourself the headache and chat with our team about changing ISP or internet connection! We are happy to help guide you in navigating this transition smoothly and without business downtime. Contact us today >>>


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