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Five Signs Your IT Person (or staff) is Top Notch

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Do you have stellar IT staff and team members? Here’s five signs that you do:

  1. You know what they’re doing. Good IT requires good communication – there’s no way around it. This communication needs to come from the IT. team in a way that is structured and consumable by management. To do this, IT teams often use 3 general types of reports :
    1. Status report: The current status of the company’s technology (upcoming projects, risks, status of the team members, etc.)
    2. Progress report: How that status compares against the technology plan (projects, budget, goals, etc.)
    3. Forecast report: What’s next and why (projects, recommended changes to the plan, long-range ideas and options, etc.) Note each component of this report should include the business value/risks of each.)
  2. They have some business acumen. If your staff includes a CIO, then you can expect significant business acumen. If your company’s IT is one or two internal people, then this degree of business acumen is much harder to find. However, at every level, it’s important that your IT team understands at least some basic business principles. After all, IT at its essence, is just a tool for business.
  3. They’re liked. Your IT team services the needs of the business…which is run by people. If your staff members like your IT people that means they can probably communicate reasonably well, have some social skills, and ideally, they have empathy for the user’s situation. These three “soft skills” can make all the difference in how effective a company’s technology can be.
  4. They’re visible. Today’s IT people deliver services to 3 different groups: management, users, and, for larger IT teams, each other. For two of those groups (management and users), doing their job well requires them to be visible (and accessible).
  5. They’re creative. With all the changes in technology over the past 10 years, every business now has many different options for addressing problems and issues.  This, in turn, has changed the technology discussion from “we need to find the technology that will fix the problem” to “which of these viable solutions will best fix the problem.” With all these options, really good IT people can now separate themselves by the way they think about the problem (and the various, associated solutions).  Their own beliefs, ideas, and preferences necessarily impact the solution. Hence, the ability to think creatively on both the business and technical end of any problem is critical.

Of course, there are many more skills and areas to consider when analyzing how good your IT person or team actually is. However, the list above will give you a rough idea how good your IT person or team is. If you find that your IT team meets three to four of the criteria above, they’re generally above average. If they meet all five, do whatever you can to keep them.

This blog originally appeared on ‘The Business Technology Place‘ – a website and blog run by our very own, Joe Ulm. Joe is a Senior Business Development Manager at Information Technology Professionals. Read this article, and more on his website.


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