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ITP Celebrates Fourth Consecutive Year on the Inc. 5000 List!

Secrets from ITP’s Success

The Inc. 5000 list identifies the fastest-growing companies in the US through verifiable financial growth looking over a 3-year period. This makes it one of the most prestigious and legitimate awards out there. There isn’t a person sitting with a thumbs up / thumbs down stamp making decisions. Numbers don’t lie. And guess what, the numbers have our backs for a fourth consecutive year!

Isn’t making the list harder each year? Yes… Yes, it is.

Making the list gets harder and harder as a company continues to grow, in fact, very few businesses make the list more than once, and only 20% will make the list three times, (that’s what we did last year). Four times in a row? That percentage drops to single digits… and we did it!



So thank you… thank you to our customers, our great partners, our vendors, and our staff! We couldn’t have done it without you all! So, how did we do it?

Identifying Keys to Growth

Before we get into growth secrets, let me say that it takes more than the efforts of any one or two people. Growth happens because an entire group of fantastic people follow the same vision and work to exceed expectations on a daily basis. Growth continues at ITP because of the amazing customers we are allowed to serve each day. We don’t take lightly the trust that is placed in us to help lead these technology initiatives.  

What are we doing differently? 

Our mission is to focus on bringing a collective, team effort with a focus on working hard. Follow-through is imperative for our success. The company then needs to stay true to its word and deliver on reinvesting in the people and the growth of the organization. This means investing growth in outside hires, back office support, sales, and marketing… all the little things that make it easier for employees to do their jobs best. 

Celebrate Wins, but… 

…make the next goals much harder. You don’t keep making this list by setting easy-to-reach goals. And we’ve continued that approach here in 2018. We have continuously set aggressive goals around sales, customer satisfaction, and new clients. When we hit those goals we take a breath, celebrate and pat each other on the back.

Then we set the goals higher and do it again.

If we don’t reach them, we acknowledge the work we did, and then we still raise the bar. As leaders, we have to ensure we are supporting our people to achieve those goals. Growth isn’t achieved by simply raising quotas. Leadership needs to run right alongside the team and keep pace with them, support and recognize them.  

Take the time as a leadership team to work on your relationships with employees, not just managing their workloads. Use your time wisely, and collaborate with team members. You never know what you can learn, and from whom. If you want to be a part of the growth wave in a crowded industry, do not stand on the beach looking and waiting for the perfect wave. Instead, try your hand with some waves that crash… and you’ll just find out if you can float in the deep waters with the big sharks. You’ll look back at “land” and see the competitors still selling last year’s technology with last year’s methods. That’s how you know you’re a big fish.

We’re honored to make the Inc. 5000 list for a fourth straight year!

Today we will celebrate this amazing recognition with coworkers and customers.

Tomorrow we will reset our goals and dive deep into the next wave. Want to join our growing team? Reach out and apply for an open position or engage us as your technology partner. 


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