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#$&*!…. IT Is Frustrating.

IT is frustratingWhen was the last time you heard any (or all of) these phrases? Whether you are an IT manager, director, consultant…it’s probably not the first time and it definitely won’t be the last. IT is frustrating. Period.

  • “I’m sorry, but those systems aren’t compatible, you’ll need to upgrade your software, first.”
  • “The problem isn’t something we can help with, only the software vendor/Internet provider/other vendor can help.”
  • “If you move to the cloud you’ll gain economy of scale, you’ll change to an op-ex model, your systems will be infinitely scalable, you’ll have multiple layers of redundancy, and it will all be monitored 24×7.”
  • “If we would have known you were running that application we would have recommended a different upgrade path.”
  • “To be fully compliant you’ll need to deploy an IDS, SSO, encrypt all your data, and establish the following policies…”
  • “Our SLA includes a 99.99% guarantee as long as…”

All these statements:

  1. Provide information that isn’t usable to non-technical people  – or –
  2. Provide information too late to be helpful – or –
  3. Include language that is ambiguous

$%@&#! So yes, of course, these scenarios are incredibly frustrating to everyone involved. Yet it’s common dialog that occurs in the SMB world. The reason this happens is because there is a misplaced focus on technology. Indeed, technology is a fantastic tool for business, but none of it matters without people. If we start there, with people (and not just as “end users”), we’ll find ourselves speaking in ways people understand, actually empowering people to do meaningful things, and delivering much more value than can be measured in a spreadsheet.

We believe technology should be delivered with a human touch. That you should know, trust and be able to count on the people who service your technology. That the discussions surrounding technology decisions should be easy to understand, by everyone involved. We believe that technology is more than just being connected, it’s feeling connected. And the way to accomplish that is to have a personal relationship with your IT provider. Remove the frustration. Remove the jargon. What you’re left with is technology that makes sense, a plan for growth that is strategic and timely, and is delivered by people that you trust.

This blog originally appeared on ‘The Business Technology Place‘ – a website and blog run by our very own, Joe Ulm. Joe is a Senior Business Development Manager at Information Technology Professionals. Read this article, and more on his website.


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