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January 2020 Newsletter

Information Technology Professionals January 2020 Newsletter

Register Now: Paul’s Tech Forecast for 2020 – Jan 30

Wish you had a crystal ball to see what’s coming in IT this year? We have the next best thing. Our CEO Paul Hager is a recognized tech futurist – and he’s going to share his IT predictions for 2020, including:

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  • The impact of AI in security
  • Ultra-realistic voice cloning in phishing attacks
  • Quantum computing
  • The rise and impact of technology in media

This is one webinar you can’t miss. Register today!

Strategies for Safeguarding Student Data

Educational institutions and EdTech vendors are handling an ever-increasing volume of student data. They face the constant challenge of ensuring student data privacy.

A proactive cybersecurity approach can stop cyberattacks and data breaches. But creating a proactive cybersecurity culture doesn’t happen overnight.

In a recent article by EdTech marketing firm C. Blohm & Associates, Paul Hager outlined the key protocols and preventative measures needed to begin building a strong cybersecurity posture, such as:

  • Practicing third-party due diligence
  • Requiring strong passwords
  • Developing a crisis management protocol
  • Following the latest security news
  • Developing an incident response plan

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New Whitepaper: Social Media Insights and Ethics for Lawyers

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When it comes to practicing law, social media has transformed what was once black and white into 50 shades of grey. Where do we draw the line in the world of too much information? In this whitepaper we discuss the ethical implications of:

  • Advertising on social media
  • Monitoring employee social media activity
  • What lawyers post on their personal social media accounts

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ITP Celebrates the Holidays

On December 7, the ITP family gathered in Milwaukee for our annual holiday party. It was a chance to spend facetime with colleagues from other offices, recognize those who went above-and-beyond in 2019, and celebrate another year of success and growth.

When your entire team are all-stars it’s hard to choose only a few to recognize with awards. But this year we put the spotlight on 5 incredible people for their contributions.

Award Winners

Deb Kesler: Operational Excellence Award

Peter Niebler: Overall Excellence Award

Travis Olson: Outstanding Technical Support Award

Chase Kahl: Rising Star Award

Leslie Moran: Rising Star Award

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L to R: Deb Kesler, Peter Niebler, Travis Olson, Chase Kahl, Leslie Moran

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