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Join ITP for a Healthcare Technology Webinar Series

Advances in Healthcare Happen Quickly

Changes to the technology powering medical discoveries and innovations in patient care happen rapidly, growing at an increased rate as technology advances in the 21st century. Yet for many healthcare organizations, maintaining systems for comprehensive patient care, remaining in compliance, AND choosing strategic technology upgrades can be overwhelming.

If you’re one of the many medical organizations struggling to navigate this landscape solo, we have the FREE webinar series for you! Join Information Technology Professionals (ITP) for our upcoming three-part healthcare focused series, where we look at how the modern healthcare organization can approach their IT systems with confidence.

Each session covers an emerging aspect of technology for the medical industry. We’ll share insights regarding tools that help you power the modern healthcare practice and choose the upgrades to maximize your IT budgets and team efforts with confidence, all while having a positive impact on patient care.

Three Tech-Focused Sessions: Attend One, Attend them All!

The first session will take place on Thursday, May 24th, at 1 PM CST. In this session, ITP looks at how Office 365 helps power modern patient care, simplifying the experience for all involved. From doctors to nurses, and everyone in between – the Office 365 suite is making powerful transformations to the patient experience. Join this session to discover how these applications, when specifically configured for healthcare, can elevate the consistency and quality of patient care.

From there, we’ll discuss Nutanix, and their Hyperconverged Infrastructure. This session covers how healthcare organizations are leveraging the hybrid cloud to power critical applications, like Epic, providing remote access for mobility, and powering security to protect patient data. We help you understand the cloud and how it can help your business scale affordably and securely.

Finally, we’ll discuss HIPAA compliance. The session touches on the past, present and future of data security. You’ll meet leaders in powering compliance for your network and applications, and we’ll share best practices for choosing, implementing and configuring the solutions that are right for your organization.

Trust us, this is a 3-part series you’re going to want to pay attention to. It could lead to a life-changing technical breakthrough!

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