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Technology Consulting for Law Practices in Wisconsin

As legal professionals, you have better things to do than worry about the ins and outs of information technology. No one has more expertise in technology consulting than Information Technology Professionals, as 8 of Wisconsin’s largest law firms trust ITP with their data and technology. Since our founding in 2003, no one has understood the technology needs of law practices better than ITP.

We always provide a tailored approach to provide you the most effective technology solutions while keeping in mind our decades of experience of law office experience to make our recommendations.

Legal Technology Consulting Deployment in Wisconsin

A great technology implementation starts with careful planning and thorough training. Our expertise keeps your firm ahead of the learning curve in terms of information technology. We understand that processes and information are the heart of a successful law practice. It’s not optional to have secure and reliable remote access, data backup, a disaster recovery plan, and the most updated version of your legal software.

What are our specialties in the legal industry?

  • Transitioning from paper to digital. While we’re not about eliminating paper documentation entirely, there are absolutely business benefits to having electronic case files that can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime.
  • Ongoing education. As with any industry, there’s always the need for continuous learning and development. The same is true with legal, and we can help with onsite and remote training solutions.
  • Document Automation. Documents are the heart and soul of your practice, but can also be the biggest source of expense. We can help you reduce this risk and expense by automating document creation and storage.
  • Priority Support. Quite simply, ITP offers best in-class support. Downtime for your practice isn’t tolerable, and we understand this by providing you around the clock support.
  • Docketing. Docketing solutions that are well deployed and staff that are trained reduce the risk of malpractice by making sure you don’t miss deadlines and court dates.
  • Certified Support. Our engineers have all the certifications that you’re looking for: Time Matters, TABS, Worldox, and more. 

Also, our CEO Paul Hager received his bachelor’s in legal studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He also used to serve as an IT Manager at a law firm in Madison early in his career.

Have other questions about how ITP and technology can help reduce your law firms’ risk and downtime? Fill out the form below, or give us a call: 

  • Milwaukee: 414-453-7100
  • Madison:608-251-6755
  • Appleton: 920-460-9300


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