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New Monthly Remote Maintenance Reporting

Changes to the ITP Remote Maintenance Services Coming Soon!

Beginning in April, all ITP clients using our Monthly Remote Maintenance Services will be receiving new monthly remote maintenance reports. These reports will be more comprehensive, including graphs and include a manual verification report. The Monthly Maintenance Reports summarize your systems environment (desktops, devices, services), server availability, disk space and server utilization. The Verification Report will focus on your backups, perimeter devices, hardware warranties, maintenance support and software expirations.

The table below demonstrates the maintenance review items that are automated by our monitoring software (A) and those completed by manual verification (M).

Your First Report
You will receive your first reports in April. This data will be representative of the previous month’s data for the automated items. The Verification Report is accurate as of the time completed.  ITP will complete an initial review of your environment, which we refer to as a “baseline review.” Once the baseline is completed, you will receive a notification via email that states “Your Monthly Remote Maintenance has been completed. An engineer will be scheduled in the next 3-5 business days to review your report and provide a summary of the results.” The final review of your reports will be completed by your assigned primary or secondary ITP Engineer.

Your Feedback is Important
ITP will follow up with you in June with a satisfaction survey to receive your feedback on these new reports. You can also still complete our Q1 Satisfaction survey here.

Please call or email our team with any questions about the Monthly Remote Maintenance Services and Report.

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