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It’s the ninja of malware. It penetrates your defenses without being seen. It’s invisible to anti-virus, leaving no trace that it’s even there. It’s brutally effective in disrupting businesses and stealing sensitive data. And it makes up more than half of all network attacks.

Fileless malware whitepaper

Meet fileless malware, one of the most insidious weapons hackers use to slip through the gaps in your cybersecurity.

Fileless attacks are four times more likely to compromise an organization than other attacks. So if you haven’t already fallen victim to fileless malware, there’s a good chance you will.

But how can you stop an invisible threat? Download our NEW whitepaper “Invisible Attacks: Defending Against Fileless Malware.” It breaks down:

  • What fileless malware is
  • How it works and spreads
  • Strategies for protecting yourself and your company


Fileless Malware is Coming for You

Most malware – like viruses, trojans, worms, and ransomware – are file-based. They use your computer’s file system and reside on your computer’s disk.

But fileless malware is different. Because it hijacks legitimate, safe-to-use applications built into every Windows computer, fileless malware easily evades anti-virus programs and many other security tools.

*Graphic courtesy of CSO Magazine, an IDG publication

It’s one of the most effective and rapidly growing cyber threats in the world today. Yet many companies aren’t taking fileless malware as seriously as they should.

Well over 70% of organizations operate with only token cybersecurity measures in place, according to Ernst & Young’s Global Information Security Survey 2018-19. A bare-bones approach to network security isn’t going to stop fileless malware.

Anti-virus and anti-malware are no longer enough to protect your network from hackers. You need to envelop your network with multiple layers of tools and strategies that leave the fewest possible gaps for attackers to exploit.

Invisible Attacks: Defending Against Fileless Malware” lays out a solid strategy for protecting your network and the sensitive data it houses. Take the first step by downloading the whitepaper today.


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