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What you might have Missed in June

It’s that time again… the perfect chance for you to catch up on anything you missed during a busy June!

ITP June Newsletter

ITP Continues the GDPR Discussion

If you missed our introduction to GDPR, you can catch up now or read it after learning about the Eight Rights of the User. At its core, GDPR seeks to provide consumers with better personal data security. This extends much farther than most people initially thought. Individuals are now guaranteed the following eight rights as a result of this new law.

ITP to host GDPR-focused Webinar on July 24. Register Now!

Individuals are now guaranteed the following eight rights as a result of this new law.

In Other News…

ITP and Nutanix: Encouraging Women in STEM

This year, Nutanix set an aggressive 3-day goal at their .NEXT conference to raise $10,000 for a number of great causes. The majority of donations were allocated to support charities advancing women in STEM. While we were at the conference, we had the pleasure of participating and contributing to the cause. As women continue to make their mark on the workforce in 2018, we hope to be a part of the positive change. If you’re a woman, hell if you’re anyone talented in IT, and you’re looking to get a foot in the door in Madison, Milwaukee or Appleton, or if you’re looking for a senior consulting role, we are hiring, so apply today!

Microsoft Acquired GitHub

In a highly-discussed decision, Microsoft moved to purchase GitHub. The purchase announcement was made by Microsoft on June 4th. For Microsoft, this isn’t the average acquisition, as GitHub houses a vast and experienced global developer / open-source community. As the Microsoft team has already been working on and with the GitHub programming tool, it makes sense from a use standpoint, but developers are cautious. At the same time, these developers will gain access to the vast array of Microsoft services and its network. It also makes sense to bring in the roughly 28 million open-source developers to the Microsoft network. The deal looks to tie GitHub and Azure more closely together to encourage developers to create and design apps for Microsoft’s cloud services.

In a highly-discussed decision, Microsoft moves to purchase Open-Source Developer GitHub

It was a Webinar-Filled Month!

You can catch up with our recent healthcare-focused webinars:

First, Scale Computing can bring Hyperconverged within reach for your business. Just because you have a small IT team doesn’t mean you can’t have a rockstar IT infrastructure that runs on a hyperconverged network. When time and resources are limited, you don’t want to spend either on managing a complex system. With Scale Computing, highly available, reliable, high performing, and easy-to-use infrastructure simplifies your life. Scale’s hyperconverged system is accessible, affordable, and can be supported without requiring extensive or time-consuming training or costly licensing fees. Basically, it’s the perfect combination of usability and affordability.

Then, there was Compliance: Bringing it all Together! Changes to the technology powering these discoveries and innovations in patient care happen rapidly, too. Yet, for many healthcare organizations, maintaining systems for comprehensive patient care, remaining in compliance, AND choosing strategic technology upgrades can be overwhelming. Join us and learn to navigate these changes with confidence.

Finally, you can rewatch a Microsoft features exclusive, the ITP Skype for Business Webinar. Join us as we explore one of our favorite Office 365 applications for communication and collaboration, Skype for Business.

You can catch any of these 3 webinars, or any other recordings, on our website.


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