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Our Most Popular Content from Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is coming to a close, but cybersecurity awareness is a year-round concern for every business. Here’s some of the most popular content from our Cybersecurity Awareness Month Email Series.

Is Your Password Strong Enough?

There’s a super easy online tool that can answer that for you.

Simply enter a password and this tool will tell you how quickly it can be cracked. The longer it takes to crack, the more secure the password. Plus, it gives you suggestions for strengthening your password. Don’t worry – any passwords you enter into the tool won’t be stored or sent over the internet.

VIDEO: Improving Your Password Security

Get a breakdown of password best practices from our own Dale Harkness, senior consulting engineer and all-around cybersecurity guru.

WHITEPAPER: Defending Against Fileless Malware

Fileless malware is coming for you – and anti-virus can’t stop it. It’s fileless malware – one of the most effective and rapidly growing cyber threats in the world today.

Download our whitepaper “Invisible Attacks: Defending Against Fileless Malware.”

INFOGRAPHIC: Tips for Identifying a Phishing Email

Ever get an email that makes you feel uneasy? Maybe a word is spelled wrong, or there is a rogue capitalization in the middle of a sentence … or maybe something about the urgency in the message’s tone throws you off. Here are tips for accurately identifying phishing emails.


VIDEO: The Dark Web

If your login credentials get into the wrong hands, chances are they’ll end up for sale on the Dark Web. ITP’s CEO Paul Hager discusses how to monitor the Dark Web for your personal information and steps to take if it’s out there.

INFOGRAPHIC: How Are Login Credentials Compromised?

Learn the methods behind HOW credentials are compromised and WHAT attackers do with them.


BLOG POST: We Believe in 2-Factor Authentication. Here’s Why You Should, Too.

Most passwords today are weak and used for multiple accounts – easy targets for hackers. 2FA is a simple, yet incredibly effective way to protect access to your personal and business accounts.

Read More >>>  

VIDEO: Stay Secure Wherever You Are

From enabling privacy protections on your devices to better managing your passwords, learn tips for protecting yourself online from our CEO Paul Hager and Sr. Consulting Engineer Dale Harkness.

INFOGRAPHIC: 8 Security Myths Debunked

How can you tell you’ve been hacked? Who’s responsible for cleaning up the mess of a breach? Discover 8 common misconceptions about cybersecurity.


DOWNLOAD: 15 Ways to Protect Your Business

Did you know that 1 in 5 small businesses will suffer a breach this year? It’s mostly due to easily overlooked gaps in their security processes. Strengthen your security stance with these 15 simple ways to protect your business.


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