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Seven Artificial Intelligence (AI) Use Cases

In today’s digital landscape, having a “human-only” team running your tech is far behind the times. Without Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisting you in your analytics and decision making, you simply aren’t hitting the max potential for your team. In this feature, I will look at a number of valuable AI use cases from Microsoft to […]

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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Celebrating its 15th year (just like our company) the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) was established to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity, both personally and professionally. Each year, NCSAM is a shared cause between the technology industry (that’s us!) and the government to help ensure all Americans have the necessary protections to feel […]

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What you Missed in September

Throwing this recap together was a fun time, as our team was busy busy busy in September. School started, and so it seems did everything else over here at ITP. Let’s just jump into it. Paul was featured in the Wisconsin Inno publication. A perk to being on the Inc. 5000 list four straight years […]

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Tech Heroes for National Techie Day

Five Tech Heroes from ITP To celebrate this holy National Techie Day, during National Cybersecurity Awareness month, we asked around the office for a few favorite tech heroes from film, books, or real life. Here are five of our staff favorites. Doc Brown of Back to the Future The first of our heroes is Doc […]

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Price Increase for Enterprise Microsoft Cloud Products

Microsoft announced pricing changes for on-premises and cloud products increase on October 1 In a blog post from earlier this year, Microsoft shared a series of changes across their portfolio of products, specifically citing the licensing programs for on-premise and cloud products. Adjustments to be active on October pricelists In just one week, Microsoft will be adjusting the […]

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Five Tips to Protect Yourself on Public WiFi

It’s “Why-Fi,” not “We-Fee” … long are the days that people don’t know how to pronounce Wifi… but most consumers and businesses still aren’t knowledgeable when it comes to public wifi. Take this example – your team is out of town, preparing for the big presentation at a little coffee shop around the corner from […]

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Rounding Up August

It has been a wet month in the state of Wisconsin, with rains pounding the southern half of the state for most of August. At our Madison office, it feels as if we’ve had our fair share of rain for the next decade. But we don’t want to let a few of these hot topics […]

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ITP Celebrates Fourth Consecutive Year on the Inc. 5000 List!

Secrets from ITP’s Success The Inc. 5000 list identifies the fastest-growing companies in the US through verifiable financial growth looking over a 3-year period. This makes it one of the most prestigious and legitimate awards out there. There isn’t a person sitting with a thumbs up / thumbs down stamp making decisions. Numbers don’t lie. And guess […]

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Four ITP Topics to Remember from July

It’s been a whirlwind summer for our team, as we celebrated our 15 year anniversary, trekked out to Las Vegas to learn about Microsoft’s 2018 plans, and hosted a GDPR focused webinar… plus we found a great new BI partner in 2.7 Strategies. Check it all out now, including a chance to win #Badgers football […]

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Five Reasons Windows 10 is replacing Windows 7

Make way for Windows 10 Death, taxes, and tech making way for better tech…three truths in life. Nothing in the tech world lasts forever, except the late 90s Nokia cell phones, and Microsoft’s Windows 7 is the next to walk the green mile, as Windows 10 positions itself for the key spot on the mantle. […]

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