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Report: The State of Email Security 2019

Combatting Today’s Biggest Email Threats

Email is the largest single attack vector on the planet. Every day, companies are barraged with email-borne cyber threats that can cause major damage. Often, the only thing these attacks need to succeed is a single click by an unsuspecting employee.

It’s vital you stay informed on the latest trends and risks that could impact your organization so you’re better equipped to take the right action. That’s why our partner Mimecast – a leading email security provider – created the State of Email Security Report.

The State of Email Security Report 2019

The State of Email Security Report 2019 is packed with insights from 1,000+ IT decision makers all over the world. It examines the threats they’ve experienced, the resulting business impact, and how they’re responding.

Most importantly, you’ll get a list of actionable steps to improve your organization’s own email security and cyber resilience.

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What’s Inside

There’s an overwhelming amount of information out there on email threats and security. This report cuts through all that clutter. It offers a clear picture of which threats are most dangerous and concrete steps you can take to better protect your organization.

The Impacts of Suffering an Email-based Cyberattack

The report focuses on:

  • Advanced threats in email
  • Business email compromise (BEC)
  • Phishing & spear-phishing
  • Malware
  • Insider threats
  • Ransomware
  • Business disruption
  • Employee awareness training
  • Threat intelligence
  • Cyber resilience strategies

A Few Insights from the Report …

  • Ransomware causes three days of downtime on average
  • 86% of organizations that experienced an impactful ransomware attack suffered at least two days of downtime as a result
  • Human error ranks even higher for cyber risk than software flaws and vulnerabilities
  • Employees are a contributing factor in more than 90% of breaches
Key findings from The State of Email Security Report 2019

“It’s no longer enough to just play defense while cybercriminals are honing their tactics daily. These criminals are aggressive and persistent when it comes to doing their homework, and organizations should mirror this behavior. They’re after your data and money, and they won’t stop until they get it.”

The State of Email Security Report 2019

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