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Stopping Cryptolocker Before It Stops You

Sophisticated Cyber Criminals Are Waiting to Strike

Think ransomware like Cryptolocker can’t hurt your business?

Most users aren’t fooled by emails from unknown addresses with sketchy looking links or attachments. But what about an email from someone internally who they recognize?

Thanks to the massive volume of data breaches over the years, it’s easier than ever for cyber criminals to discover email addresses – and even passwords – that they can use to create legitimate looking phishing emails targeted to specific companies and users.

All the anti-spam tools in the world can’t protect you from someone logging in using credentials they purchased on the Dark Web.

Cryptolocker: A Real and Present Danger

The number of ransomware attacks jumped 117 percent between 2017 and 2018. In other words, your company is definitely at risk of a Cryptolocker infection. And it’s not something you want running rampant through your network.

Consider the consequences:

  • Lost company/customer data
  • Lost productivity
  • Lost business
  • Loss of potential customers
  • Loss of your reputation
  • Lost money (fines, legal fees, re-building your network, paying the ransom)

Ummm, no thanks. The good news is, there are steps you can take to keep Cryptolocker from taking control.

Our Free Webinar Has the Answers

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