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The Future of Hyperconverged is Bright

ITP Gets Exclusive Sneak Peek at Nutanix’s Fiscal Year Kick-off

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is becoming a more and more popular solution for companies wanting to simplify and streamline their networks. The HCI market is growing rapidly and expected to top $17 billion by 2023.

Our partnership with industry leader Nutanix means we can offer some of the very best HCI solutions in the world to Wisconsin businesses.

Nutanix XCelerate sales kick-off

Because of ITP’s strong relationship with Nutanix, our CEO Paul Hager was invited to attend Nutanix XCELERATE 2019 in Las Vegas. XCELERATE is Nutanix’s sales kick-off meeting where they outline the direction of their new fiscal year.

Out of all Nutanix partners around the world, only 47 representatives were invited to XCELERATE.

While we wish we could share the many cool innovations and plans that this company has in store for 2019, since XCELERATE is an internal sales meeting (and not a public-facing event) much of the information can’t be disclosed. HOWEVER, there are a few things we CAN highlight.

ITP’s Position with Nutanix is Strong

Out of the 2,700 total attendees, ITP was among 47 partners invited. Nutanix didn’t invite entourages from 47 partner companies, they invited 47 people total. And this is among Nutanix partners globally. That’s a rare group to be in.

The fact that ITP made this exclusive group shows our strong alignment with Nutanix. At ITP, we are certified Nutanix experts. Our team has been specially trained to sell and deploy their solution.

We wanted to be at XCELERATE to get the latest information and Nutanix wanted us there to give us the support to continue building on our successes.

Nutanix is Ready to Have Another Strong Year

Their technology remains market-leading. Independent research firms Gartner and Forrester rank Nutanix among the best of the best in the HCI industry.

On top of that, Nutanix provides incredible customer support. With close to a 90% Net Promoter Score, they have some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the software world. They are a breeze to work with and we are proud to call them our partners.

The HPE-Nutanix Partnership is Real

We’re excited to see how two of our favorite vendors continue to grow and innovate together to make some really great hyperconverged offerings for our customers. This should mean more ability to choose your hardware, your software, and your cloud. Freedom to do what’s right for your business is something that’s important to ITP’s core value of transparency and it matches perfectly with Nutanix.

ITP is Engaged with Nutanix Commercial Teams, Enterprise, SLED, and Healthcare

We have active opportunities across all the major vertical markets with Nutanix and that’s exciting. They continue to introduce ITP as one of only a few partners who can take an HCI customer from start to finish – with great presales architecture, sizing and planning, and ultimately deployment and beyond.

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