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We Did the Polar Plunge and It Was Awesome

Are we crazy? Kinda

If there’s one thing we love at ITP, it’s supporting good causes. That’s why a small group of intrepid souls from our Madison and Milwaukee offices chose to voluntarily jump into a pool of freezing cold water in the middle of February to support Special Olympics of Wisconsin.

Oh what fun it is to freeze

Left to right: Troy Garrison, Alec Rohde, and Josh Moore show off their snazzy ITP speedos.

On February 17th, 10 ITP employees joined thousands of other pledgers at the Milwaukee Zoo for the Polar Plunge. Five of our folks plunged, while the other 5 chose to stay warm and dry with the “Too Chicken to Plunge” group.

We even got ITP speedos to plunge in. We know you’re jealous. You can see more photos on our Facebook page.

The Milwaukee Plunge raised more than $84,000. Altogether throughout Wisconsin, more than $700,000 has been raised to date. All donations support Special Olympics of Wisconsin.

What does Special Olympics do?

Josh Moore makes an impressive leap.

We’re glad you asked. They provide year-round sports training and competition in 18 Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities (ID).

They empower those with disabilities to become physically fit, productive, and respected members of society. In addition, Special Olympics works to increase the public’s awareness of their capabilities and needs.

That’s something we can definitely get behind. And you can bet we’ll be back next year ready to freeze our tails off for this awesome organization.

Left to right: Troy Garrison, Alec Rohde, Ellie Sherven, Rachel Gorth, Josh Moore. Great job, guys! Let’s not forget those too chicken to plunge. A big thank you to Janet Tamblyn, Jonathan Puryear, Ryan Rogers, Leslie Moran, and Brenda Braatz.


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