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Finding the right IT hire

COVID-19 may be slowing things down, but there are still plenty of companies looking to fill key positions with awesome people. Check out the most current job openings through ITP Staffing.

For full job descriptions for any of the openings listed here, contact our Talent Acquisition Manager Kerry Weber at .



Industry: Healthcare / Government
Location: Madison, WI

This role involves developing cybersecurity controls based on a thorough understanding of industry standards and regulations to protect the company from external and internal threats. Responsibilities include translating federal requirements into corporate security policies and standards, such as NIST publications, OMB guidance, HIPAA, DFARS, and MAC ARS.


Industry: Telecommunications
Location: Madison, WI

If you have strong problem-solving skills, are naturally curious, and can drive for results, this might be the BI role for you. This position develops and supports BI solutions that provide valuable business insights for enterprise businesses. It also involves leading projects, resolving complex incidents, and implementing process improvements.


Industry: Telecommunications
Location: Madison, WI

Seeking a driven, curious, and technically passionate individual to develop and support BI solutions for enterprise business customers. Job duties include assisting in project management, documenting business processes, identifying process improvements, and performing governance audits.


Industry: Healthcare / Government
Location: Madison, WI

Looking for the right individual to improve and maintain the business application security program. This role involves secure web development design and testing, including security design reviews, threat modeling, and code auditing on internally and externally developed software. Experience with secure software development design principles and secure testing is required.


Industry: Telecommunications
Location: Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa

If you have a passion for data and analytics, this could be the opportunity for you. This role is responsible for designing, developing, and deploying architecture, standards, and processes to improve the management of information and data throughout its lifecycle. It involves creating business-focused solutions and data repositories. Can work onsite, from home, or any combination of the two.


Industry: Healthcare / Government
Location: Madison, WI

Seeking candidates to fill 2 Security Analyst roles. These positions assist with development, implementation, coordination, maintenance, and monitoring of corporate data security safeguards. Role is 60% access management, 20% access governance and compliance, 10% documentation management, and 10% leadership.

Let Us Help You With Hiring

Hiring IT staff is expensive, time-consuming, and filled with uncertainties. How do you know which applicant is the right one for your company? How does the applicant know you’re the right fit for them?

A strong interview process is key. But if your company doesn’t have much experience in making tech hires, how do you know you’re asking the right questions to hire a great IT employee?

You need someone who knows the industry and knows how to reach and attract the right people for your openings. This is one of those times when it’s smart to ask for help.

Kerry Weber, Talent Acquisition Manager at ITP
Kerry Weber

ITP Staffing has the experience to take on your toughest IT staffing challenges. Besides our excellent track record of attracting and retaining our own top talent, 20-year recruiting veteran Kerry Weber brings her experience to bear for our clients as our Talent Acquisition Manager.

We manage all aspects of the hiring process for you: sourcing, attracting, screening, interviewing, negotiating salary, and making the offer. What’s more, we can help you establish your own recruitment and onboarding best practices.

At ITP, our philosophy is to build relationships with clients and applicants and then work to find the best match for all involved. You receive personalized assistance whatever your company’s size or industry.

Contact Kerry: or on Twitter (@ihirenerds)

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