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With over 250 satisfied customers, we’ve got a success story or two to tell. See our services in action, delivering transformative business solutions to clients. Choose a case study by industry or by solution, then click to download the resource as a PDF.



Case Studies by Industry



In an evolving and highly connected distribution landscape, technology is powering profitably. With just a three-person IT staff modernization and facility automation was proving difficult for this distribution client. See how ITP offset project work to help this client achieve a fully automated line.

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Increasing population demands and technology advancements in healthcare can be paralyzing for an organization. Now add on disjointed vendors, systems and support…to an IT team that is already underwater performing day-to-day maintenance. See how a fully-outsourced IT team was the solution to this healthcare client.

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Professional Services

In a highly-regulated industry, rolling out new technology takes time and careful planning. Keeping up with technology developments can often take years. See how network management and terminal services allow this professional services client to remain nimble and make technology changes with ease.

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In order to satisfy their many customers’ demanding and unique business needs, this client required a scalable, detailed, and flexible data storage system to handle the workload. ITP helped build a strong foundation from the onset, initially housing the servers on our own network, then shifting the client to the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

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Shared IT resources just weren’t going to cut it anymore. With a tight budget and technology infrastructure that was majorly lacking, this non-profit needed thoughtful and highly strategic IT guidance. See how ITP empowered this non-profit to utilize their budget better with long-term IT vision and outsourced network support.

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Case Studies by Solution



When a business is in startup mode – budgets and resources are spread thin. That’s what makes critical and careful consideration of technology investments so very important. Affordability and ensuring flexibility for future growth were critical for this organization – making them a perfect fit for the cloud.

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From the onset, this client’s primary IT challenge was and is data storage as a service. As the client has grown, they’ve faced additional storage scalability hurdles, and ITP has helped them navigate their transition to the Cloud, all while remaining within their budget.


Uptime and security are so important for a business under tight government regulation. This organization approached ITP with an immediate need for a written security policy, mandated by the government.  They did not have a proactive security stance, the lacked a recovery process or plan in place for potential attacks.

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Managed Services

ITP enabled this client’s staff with technologies and support that boosts their productivity. Learn how outsourced network management transformed the organization from previously sending employees home due to technology difficulties, to now… near-zero downtime.

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Project Work

Devices and applications that were once ‘nice to have’ are now necessary for business operations and employee productivity. The desire for modernization and facility automation was proving difficult for this client. Their three-person IT staff was busy providing day-to-day IT operations, network maintenance, and providing employee technology support. See how ITP helped assist this client in completing a major IT upgrade.

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Growth via acquisition was causing strain on the business and technology operations of this global consumer-packaged goods manufacturer. With insight from ITP, the organization set out to scale their IT structure via Azure. They leaned on ITP to quickly and seamlessly migrate to the cloud, over the weekend as to not disrupt business operations and to hit a hard deadline.

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Microsoft Office 365

An impending business merger and desire for consistent technology was the catalyst for a migration to Office 365. This upgrade included licensing, installation, email migration, and on-going technical support. With project management and guidance from ITP’s team of engineers, the client’s internal technology team was able to focus on other technical aspects of the merger and maintaining their day-to-day IT operations.

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Aging servers that were failing daily meant that this overworked Network Administrator had little time for anything but reactive repairs. He was working 80+ hours a week just trying to keep the massive platform afloat, canceling plans with friends and family to make sure the network was running and secure. See how ITP helped this stressed-out Network Administrator migrate to all new Hyperconverged systems, freeing up his workday for proactive projects and giving him better work-life balance.

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This Wisconsin city has a one-man IT department, constantly under pressure to maintain a network thousands of citizens depend on every day. In 2018, the SAN began running out of space and needed to be upgraded along with the hypervisor and host servers. The $150,000 cost to replace everything was prohibitively expensive for the city’s limited IT budget. See how ITP provided an affordable solution and the team to implement and support it.

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Phone hardware failures and disparate telecom contracts were reeking major havoc for this car rental service provider. A lack of continuity in their phone system caused both customer confusion and a loss in employee productivity. ITP stepped in and consolidated their contracts, upgraded their hardware and migrated their system to the cloud.

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